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How abrasive is your current toothpaste?


Consider your toothpaste's abrasiveness.  Have you experienced tooth sensitivity?  You may be surprised to find that your commercial toothpaste is wearing down your enamel.

Our toothpaste has an RDA value of 8, a low-abrasive toothpaste is one of the first things to consider when experiencing tooth sensitivity.  

Toothpaste makers regularly measure their product’s abrasivity. It’s necessary for FDA approval, which is required for any oral care product that contains, the waste product, fluoride.  However, it  is not required to be disclosed on the brand label.  Abrasive measurements are given by what’s known as an RDA value which stands for radioactive dentin abrasion or relative dentin abrasivity. The maximum value for FDA approval is 200. Toothpastes that claim whitening properties tend to have a higher abrasiveness index. 

The lower the number – the less enamel/dentin it is likely to be worn away.  The higher the number – the more wear on your dentin. 


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