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How To & FAQs

For Use


Brush teeth thoroughly, at least twice a day.  Use your spatula from the kit to scoop a pea-sized amount, which will suffice; however, many of us prefer a little more product on our brush.  Take your time to make sure your toothpaste is secured to the bristles, or hold your hand under the brush as you move towards your mouth to avoid dropping your toothpaste in the sink.  Enjoy the difference!
Supervise and instruct children under age 6 to instill good brushing and rinsing habits before leaving them unsupervised.  Although the toothpaste contains food-grade organic ingredients, it is not intended for ingestion.
If you choose the glass jar option, we also suggest you handle the jar with dry hands and give yourself a little time to adapt.  Additionally, hold the jar over the counter versus over the floor.


How To 

Your toothpaste is shelf-stable and is designed with minimalistic packaging, so place it on your bathroom counter without the annoyance of brand graphics.   


Oil Separation?

Some oil separation may occur with temperature and atmospheric pressure changes during transit.  Simply stir the product with your spatula until it is blended again.

How to Prepare
Jar for Refill


We suggest you swipe your container out with a small cloth or disposable tissue until no product remains.  There is no need for the use of soap due to the antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal qualities of the toothpaste.  For additional sanitation, you can wipe the container with an alcohol swab. Then allow the container to dry thoroughly before refilling with a fresh pack of Every Day Toothpaste.

​How do I

place an order?


Buy online of course!  You can also buy locally at Galveston's Own Farmers Market.  

& Shipping


If you are local, you may choose to pick-up your purchase on Sundays at Galveston's Own Farmers Market.   Use discount code, '77550', to waive shipping costs on your order (valid for local orders only). We can also accept payment at time of local pick-up (in this case you can order via email or text).  

& Refunds


Samples are available before you buy our products.  Please contact us if you have a concern regarding your purchase.

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