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Perfect for individuals who are immune compromised or those that want to refresh without loading the skin with preservatives and other harmful ingredients.


Our sugar scrub with magnesium will exfoliate and soften skin. We love the benefits of passion fruit seed oil in this.  The high linoleic acid content helps the oil penetrate the skin to deeply moisturize and reduce dry skin. Choose from our popular Texas citrus for your scrub preference: Satsuma Silk or Ruby Red

Vegan. 4 oz tin.


Bare Body is a silky all over body moisturizer with ONLY organic passion fruit seed oil and hydrating squalane. High in essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins....AND lightweight so it soaks into the skin leaving you with silky soft skin and deliciously light scent. This is also beneficial for chronic skin conditions like rashes or acne.

Vegan. Glass spray bottle. 4 oz.


Bare Body Oil Blend & Sugar Scrub

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